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Based in Durban, South Africa, our computerised Tajima machines are capable of knocking out over Half a million stitches per hour, 22 hours a day for applique embroidery design. Our well planned and balanced production line are precision guided by a Wilcom digitalising programme to repeat multi-colour designs time after time.

The flexibility of the system allows our in-house designer, to copy artwork onto a memory stick, calculate the exact size and number of stitches used to produce one or any number of garments at the touch of a button. This means our many repeat customers can confidently place orders assured of exactly the same result and on virtually any fabric that can be knitted or sewn.

We specialise in SHIRTS, JACKETS, CAPS, HATS, BAGS, TOWELS, CONTI SUITS, OVERALLS & KNITWEAR which we collect and deliver throughout the greater Durban area.

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